Did police cause Indonesia’s football stadium disaster?


A deadly Indonesian football match leads to questions around policing.

An Indonesian football match led to the deaths of more than a hundred people after police fired tear gas. People ran into locked gates while trying to flee the stadium. Now, the government is investigating why the police used tear gas and other forms of excessive force at the game. Indonesians are also reflecting back on the history and might of the country’s police force and how it all culminated in this tragedy.

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This episode was produced by Chloe K. Li with Negin Owliaei and our host, Halla Mohieddeen. Ruby Zaman fact-checked this episode. Tim St. Clair mixed this episode. Our production team includes Chloe K. Li, Alexandra Locke, Ashish Malhotra, Negin Owliaei, Amy Walters, and Ruby Zaman. Our sound designer is Alex Roldan. Aya Elmileik and Adam Abou Gad are our engagement producers. Ney Alvarez is Al Jazeera’s head of audio.

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