Photos: Horror at Russia school as gunman kills 15 people

At least 15 people have been killed, including 11 children, after a gunman opened fire at a school in Izhevsk city, 960km (600 miles) east of the capital Moscow, authorities said.

Russia’s Investigative Committee identified the gunman as 34-year-old Artyom Kazantsev, a graduate of the school that he attacked. He shot himself dead at School No. 88 in Izhevsk, located west of the Ural Mountains in the Udmurt region, authorities said on Monday.

Of the two dozen people injured, 22 of them are children, some of whom were wounded jumping out of school windows as they fled.

Alexander Brechalov, the governor of Udmurt, said the gunman was a resident of Izhevsk who was registered at a psychoneurological dispensary.

“There are suggestions that he adhered to the Nazi ideology, because he was in a T-shirt with Nazi symbols, in a balaclava,” Brechalov said.

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