Russia says flagship Moskva cruiser has sunk

  • Russia says its Black Sea warship Moskva has sunk after an explosion and fire, state media reported, after the crew was evacuated.
  • Ukraine earlier claimed it struck the warship with two missiles.
  • US President Joe Biden says a decision will be made soon on whether to send a senior official to Kyiv in a show of support for Ukraine.
  • Ukraine’s foreign minister calls on Germany to make a quick decision on weapons delivery to Kyiv.
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Here are all the latest updates:

Sinking of warship delivers ‘big blow’ to Russia: Pentagon

The sinking of the warship Moskva is a “big blow” to Russia’s naval strength in the Black Sea, the Pentagon has said.

“This is a big blow to the Black Sea fleet, this is … a key part of their efforts to execute some sort of naval dominance in the Black Sea,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby told CNN.”This is going to have an effect on their capabilities.”

‘Horror story’ says during visit of the city of Bucha

Executive director for the UN World Food Programme David Beasley tweeted a video from the wreckage of what he said was an orphanage in the city of Bucha.

“What happened to this community is a horror story,” he wrote.

US readies to crack down on Russian sanctions evasion

The US is preparing new efforts to crack down on sanctions evasion by Russia, Biden’s national security adviser has said.

“Where our focus will be over the course of the coming days is on evasion,” national security adviser Jake Sullivan said in an interview at the Economic Club of Washington.

“I think we’ll have some announcements in the next week or two that identify targets that are trying to facilitate that evasion both inside Russia and beyond,” he said, without giving details on the coming plans.

Air raids alerts in all of Ukraine: The Kyiv Independent

The Kyiv Independent, the former editorial team of the Kyiv Post tweeted that air raids alerts have been declared in all Ukraine’s regions at the same time.

Zelenskyy tweets after meeting with Macron

In a tweet, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has said he held negotiations with France’s President Emmanuel Macron during which they discussed the investigation into Russian crimes as well as the negotiations process.

“We appreciate the strong support of France. The negotiation process was also discussed. We strive for peace in Ukraine, in Europe!”

ICC says war crimes probe should be conducted ‘with some urgency’

Khan said that an investigation into allegations of war crimes will study all the evidence, and must be done “with some urgency”.

“We should do so with the realisation that already, for whatever reason, by whatever means people have died, buildings have been destroyed,” he said.

“I won’t accept from any NGO or even from the Ukrainian government or authorities, even from the prosecutor general, any evidence uncritically. We will review everything to make sure that we have it right and any evidence we review is reliable and is authentic,” he said.

Ukraine’s prosecutor demands swift war crimes investigation

Ukraine’s chief prosecutor has said the country wanted to pursue legal action into alleged war crimes committed by Russian forces.

In a briefing alongside International Criminal Court Prosecutor Karim Khan, Iryna Venediktova said achieving justice in Ukraine is urgent, even as the war remains ongoing.

“Ukrainians want justice now,” Venediktova said, “but we all understand that the process of criminal procedure for starting the collection of all evidence when we are still in the war actually, when we have a huge number of cases, it’s not so fast and it’s not so simple.”

Russia says flagship missile cruise ship has sunk after fire

Russia’s defence ministry has said the missile cruiser Moskva, the flagship of the country’s Black Sea fleet, sank as it was towed back to port in stormy weather following an explosion and fire, Russian news agencies reported.

The defence ministry said the vessel sank while being towed towards the destined port “given the choppy seas”.

“The vessel lost its balance due to damage sustained in the hull as fire broke out after ammunition exploded,” TASS quoted the ministry as saying.

Russian legislator and two aides criminally charged in US

A Russian legislator and two aides have been charged with conspiring to violate American sanctions, according to an unsealed indictment that accuses them of pushing a covert Russian propaganda campaign in the US to win support for moves against Ukraine and other countries.

Three conspiracy charges were brought in the indictment in Manhattan federal court against the legislator, Aleksandr Babakov, 59, and two of his staff members — Aleksandr Nikolayevich Vorobev, 52, and Mikhail Alekseyevich Plisyuk, 58.

All three men are based in Russia and remain at large, authorities said. Babakov currently serves as deputy chairman of the State Duma, the lower house of the Russian legislature, federal authorities said in a statement.

Women waiting at bus station
Women waiting at a bus station in Kramatorsk, Ukraine [Petros Giannakouris/AP]

NATO expansion promotes European stability: US official

When asked how Washington views the potential addition of Sweden and Finland to NATO, the US State Department said there was no change in Washington’s position and repeated that “NATO’s open door is an open door”.

“Without speaking to any countries in particular, we would not be concerned that the expansion of a defensive alliance would do anything other than promote stability on the European continent,” spokesperson Ned Price said during a briefing.

Russia had earlier warned the two countries against joining the US-led alliance.

503 civilians killed in Ukraine’s Kharkiv region, governor says

At least 503 civilians have been killed in Ukraine’s eastern Kharkiv region since Russia launched its invasion on February 24, the local governor has said.

Oleg Synegubov wrote on Telegram that the dead included 24 children.

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