Train derails in Germany, at least four people killed

The Munich-bound train overturns near a ski resort, killing at least four people and injuring dozens of others.

A regional train has derailed in southern Germany, killing at least four people, according to police and local officials.

A police spokesperson said on Friday the Munich-bound train had been quite full at the time of the crash in Burgrain, north of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, a ski resort in Bavaria that is also popular with hikers.

Police said on Twitter that at least four people were killed.  They put the number of injured at about 30, 15 of whom were seriously injured and taken to hospitals.

There were multiple school students on board the train, the regional Muenchener Merkur newspaper cited local paper the Garmisch-Partenkirchen Tagblatt as reporting.

At least three people were killed as a train derailed near a Bavarian Alpine resort [Network Pictures via AFP]

Three carriages overturned at least partly, and people were pulled out of the windows to safety.

Pictures on social media showed carriages of a double-decker regional train stuck between tree branches and rolled down an embankment, as well as people being carried away on stretchers and standing around on the tracks.

A major emergency services operation was still under way, police said, and the rail line was currently completely closed.

Regional trains have seen higher passenger numbers since June 1, when a ticket allowing Germany-wide travel came into effect.

A derailed train in Germany
This video grab a derailed train in Burgrain near Garmisch-Partenkirchen [Network Pictures via AFP]

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