US State Department orders departure of non-emergency personnel from Shanghai consulate amid Covid-19 restrictions

In a travel advisory, the State Department recommends reconsidering traveling to China due to “arbitrary enforcement of local laws and COVID-19-related restrictions” and includes the risk of parents being separated from their children.

“The zero-tolerance approach to COVID-19 by the PRC and Hong Kong governments severely impacts travel and access to public services,” the advisory says. “All travelers should prepare to quarantine at a government-designated location for a minimum of 14 days upon arrival. While in quarantine, health authorities will test travelers as often as daily for COVID-19 and will not permit travelers to leave their rooms.”

Last week, the US State Department issued an advisory allowing for the voluntary departure of Consulate General employees and their families due to the impact of China’s Covid-19 restrictions.

Monday’s order came on the fifth consecutive day in which more than 20,000 daily cases were reported in Shanghai, according to China’s National Health Commission. Although officials have begun lifting restrictions in some neighborhoods where positive cases have not been detected for a 14-day period, the majority of the city is still under lockdown.

Shanghai has now recorded over 220,000 Covid cases since the city’s latest outbreak started in March.

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