Aid enters Ethiopian territory controlled by Tigray forces – WFP

Aid convoy enters Ethiopian territory controlled by Tigray forces for the first time in 3 months – WFP.

Trucks carrying aid have entered Ethiopian territory controlled by Tigrayan forces for the first time since December 15, the United Nations World Food Programme said on Twitter.

The UN has said more than 90% of the 5.5 million Tigrayans need food aid.

The war in Africa’s second-most populous country has killed thousands of people and, according to the UN, has driven hundreds of thousands to the brink of starvation since it began in November 2020.

In the 16-month civil war, Ethiopian troops and allied soldiers from neighbouring Eritrea have committed a litany of abuses including torture, weaponised rape and targeted killings of Tigrayans.

Fighters loyal to the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) have also been accused of killing civilians and gang-raping dozens of women and underage girls in towns in Ethiopia’s Amhara region, by Amnesty International.

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