Imad’s Childhood: Life after ISIL

Video Duration 47 minutes 40 seconds

From: Witness

Can a four-year-old child recover from spending half his life in ISIL captivity?

After two years in ISIL (ISIS) captivity, four-year-old Imad, his little brother and mother are released into a displaced persons’ camp for Yazidis in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Imad has already spent half his life enduring terror and abuse. He cannot communicate with his family, because he can only speak Arabic. He hits and spits, and the only game he plays is pretending to be an ISIL fighter who shoots, kills and blows things up.

With hesitant steps, Imad starts the hard road to recovery, guided by his mother, grandmother and teacher. Healing from trauma is hard for them all.

A film by Zahavi Sanjavi

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